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As a real estate agent at Realty One Real Estate Ltd., Clifford is committed to providing his clients with the tools they need to make well-informed decisions. He loves consulting with clients and helping them find the right home for their needs, and his tireless work ethic has helped him break sales records.

Clifford embodies Realty One's values of gracefully caring in our work while creating a five-star experience for our clients. When he's forming a deal, Clifford comes across as charismatic, but when it comes time to close a deal - he's laser focused, intense, and incredibly knowledgeable. It's unheard to come across a concern that Clifford can't resolve. His collective of professionals and creatives is an invaluable asset to his clients.

His outright honesty makes him an excellent negotiator, no wasted time with false promises or empty threats. By his genuine nature, he'll lead you to what is best for you and your family - whether it's buying or selling - and that level of commitment goes beyond just being trustworthy; it makes him inspiring.

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